Building my first robot

I got this amazing robot kit years ago. It's been tucked away in the depths of my closet, mostly because I've been afraid that I was going to misplace parts and I that I didn't have the proper tools (you only need a really good scissor). But today I finally cleared my work space, opened the box and started my first robot project!

As you can see the kit contain enough parts for you to create 1 robot out of 14, which means that there are many to choose from (and you can take it apart and rebuild it as another type of robot should you grow tired of your first choice)! I chose the Wheel Bot because it kind of reminded me of a WALL.E on wheels. 

I was quite impressed by the manual! I usually get extremely frustrated when I try to put things together that I don't fully understand, but the manual really helped and I had fun doing it all the way through.

Before I began building the robot I had to go over the material. I would not recommend that you cut out all the pieces all at once as there is a system to it. It's very easy to follow and the different colors made it less confusing.

The kit also contained a good amount of plastic bags and stickers for all the parts which were amazing! I always tend to misplace the tiniest pieces and this made it really easy to locate every part I was looking for.

This is what the motor looked like, placed inside the robot body!

Look at that adorable face! We're getting somewhere!

 I accidently placed the wheels that were supposed to be in the back on the front part of the body, but to tell you the truth I thought it looked pretty neat. Just look at him relaxing!


I really love how it turned out! Today is a rainy day so we won't see this little guy in action just yet, but don't worry, I will keep you updated on his adventures!


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