My first videogame

As I grew up with a gamer, my big brother, my access to games were quite impressive. I still remember the many times I would run to his room and join him as he was sitting on his bedroom floor playing videogames. I was really young at the time, and I had no clue what I was doing, pushing a million buttons and hoping for the best. I also did not understand english which meant that I was unable to follow the storyline of whatever game we were playing at the time. Despite all of this, he would still let me play, being a good and very patient big brother. He eventually passed his Playstation 1 on to me, with one memorable game to go with it - Resident Evil. I was too young to play horror games and I might have had some doubts, but in the end my curiousity could not be stopped.
To this day, I still recall how my best friend at the time, Jimmy, came over, and while he hid under a mountain of pillows, I started the game. I chose to play as Jill Valentine, member of S.T.A.R.S. I remember perfectly how she walked down the corridor of the old mansion, that would lead her to the infamous scene where a zombie, kneeling over a corpse turns it's head slowly before deciding to follow her back down the hall. The horrible graphics, the awkward controls and the limited inventory just added to the horror and despite my many efforts, I never made it far before being killed by a zombie, or worse.

My first step into the world of horror began with this game long before I ever got to watch a horror movie or read a scary book. And the fact that the only way for Jill to survive the ordeal would involve me picking up the controller and not be a passive audience really fascinated me.

Which video game came to be your first and very own? Leave a comment below!
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