My first computer game

The first computer game that I ever bought was Little Big Adventure 2.
It was the 90s and I was about eight years old when i discovered the colorful box while being bored in a tech store as my parents were running errands. Looking at the box containing the game it had me intrigued, despite the fact that I had no clue what it was. My father was kind enough to give me some of the change he carried around in his pocket so that I could buy it. Since then I have played the game a million times.
Little Big Adventure 2 begins on the planet Twinsun where our hero Twinsen and his partner Zoe along with all the other inhabitants live in peace following the victory over the evil protagonist Dr.Funfrock in the first game. That is until a strange storm hits Citadel island and Twinsen's friend, a Dinofly, is hit by lightening and crashes into Twinsen and Zoe's backyard. Twinsen must find a way to heal his friend, and this quest brings him on a great adventure to other planets inhabited by fun and bizarre characters.

Fun facts about the game:

Twinsen can switch between 4 different modes - normal, athletic/sporty, aggressive, and discreet.
+ Having The Book of Bú, containing the prophecy of The Legend of Sendell, Twinsen is able to talk to animals.
+ On the planet Zeelich there is a race called Knartas that look like sausages.
+ In order to find characters that have gone missing on Desert island, Twinsen must become a wizard, which means at one point in the game he attends a mysterious school of magic.

Which computer game was your first? 
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